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SYDNEY Bracelet

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Description: A stretch bracelet for men made with energetic gemstones, strung on a silicon thread and an oxidized silver logo tag.

The SYDNEY bracelet is assembled from labradorite, hematite, tiger eye and bloodstone beads.

Wrist measure: 19 cm (aprrox).

Gemstones proprieties:

Labradorite – Positivity

Labradorite increases serenity and equanimity by removing troubling thoughts. Helps connect to ones intuition and enables clear thinking.

Hematite – Stability

Hematite, best known for its grounding powers also provides protection from negative energies, encourages positive thinking, reduces stress and can help sharpens ones memory.

Tiger eye – Motivation

Tiger eye enhances personal powers and abilities, increases courage, self confidence, agility and encourages decision making.

Bloodstone – Energy

Bloodstone is great for invigorating and boosting ones energy. Generates physical balance and mental balance as well as protection from the evil eye.

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