Terms of Use

  1. Terms of Use – General

This website is operated by Be Sembol Ltd.  Priv. Corp. 558334606 (hereinafter: “The Company”). Contact details for the Company can be found on the site under the “Contact Us” menu.

These terms of use were written in the male gender purely for reasons of convenience and apply to men and women alike.

These terms of use, along with all of its section and stipulations, constitute a contract between and the Company and you. Any use, purchase, surfing or viewing of the site, use of its content, including texts, pictures, animations, original code, design, graphic elements, interactive components, are subject to the terms of use below, including remote usage through supplementary technologies or any other technological method. Any use of the site or the content contained therein constitutes consent to the provisions of these terms of use.

If you do not agree to one or more of these terms of use, you are not permitted to surf this site and make any use of it, including the usage of its content. In order to dispel any doubt, any use of the site that is contrary to the provisions of these terms of use is your sole responsibility.

Carefully read these terms of prior to any use of this site or its contents.

  1. Changes and Updates

The Company retains the sole right to change or terminate the service granted through this site, and this even without prior warning.

The Company retains the right to alter the site terms of use from time to time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice. The current version of the terms of use will appear on this page and the latest updated version of the terms of use will prevail.

  1. Private Use

Use of the site is for persons aged 18 and over only.

This site is designed for personal and non-commercial use only. It is expressly forbidden to make any commercial use of the site, its content, its services or any other of its components without receiving prior written from the Company.

Do not enter the details of any other person, other than your personal details.

You are solely responsible for the veracity of the information that you publish or transmit through the site. The Company does not undertake any responsibility for the content published of transmitted by you on the site.

  1. Substance of the Service
    1. Substance of the Service and the method of purchase

The primary service provided on this site is e-tail services on the internet for products that are promoted on it from time to time.

The presentation of products on the site is conceptual only, at times there will be discrepancies between the photo displayed on the site and the product provided, in any event the verbal description is the one that prevails for the product delivered.

On the site products are offered for sale, the price of each product is displayed alongside it in shekels, a site user can add any item to a shopping cart after reviewing it and its price, a user can alter the quantities and add or subtract items from the shopping cart at any time, additionally one can save the order without completing it on the site server, and continue at a later date, at the end of the order one should go to the cashier for confirmation.

Prices on the site include VAT.

  1. Delivery and payment

The products purchased on the site will be delivered to the address in Israel that was entered when the order was placed within the timeframe noted for each product, subject to the execution of payment and delivery times of the shipping company. The times for delivery as they appear on the sales pages only include the calculation of business days (Sundays to

In exceptional instances when an item is out of stock, we undertake to notify the customer by telephone regarding a shortage of any item and arrange a date of delivery for the missing item. In all instances we will not delay shipment as the result of a missing item without informing the customer, inasmuch as missing items will be shipped separately within a short time and assuming the importer or the manufacturer has them in stock and we will not charge for shipping of missing items. It should be noted that notice regarding a product being out of stock will be issued soon after the order date and the customer will have the opportunity to cancel it at no cost.

The delivery of products purchased on the site will be executed by the company or a messenger or by a delivery company.

Payment will be executed by credit card on the site or by telephone or Paypal.

The details of the credit card are transmitted while encoded over a secure server pursuant to the requirements and authorization of the credit card company.

The Company will not be liable for any delay or holdup in delivery and/or failure to deliver that is caused as the result of an act of G-d and/or events out of the Company’s control.

  1. Product Return

Return of products pursuant to the Consumer Protection Law, some of the products cannot be returned.

When cancelling a transaction due to a flaw or a discrepancy between the product and the disclosure document or any other breach of the contract by the Company, a cancellation fee will not be charged. The consumer’s money will be returned to him within 14 business days from receipt of the cancellation notice. The product will be returned at the Company’s expense.

The product will be returned, inasmuch as possible or reasonable, in its original packaging.

One cannot cancel a transaction in the following instances: perishable items, products that can be copied and reproduced and in an instance when the customer opened the original packaging.

Notice of a cancellation will be delivered by telephone, fax, Israeli Post or electronic mail only.

  1. No Substitute for Professional Advice

The information on the site does not constitute legal, economic or any other kind of advice, and is for display only. With any question one should consult with an expert professional. It is hereby clarified that one should not rely on the information on the site to execute any action.

  1. Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise noted on the site, everything related to the site and its content, including the headers, texts, effects, pictures, graphics, pagination, design elements, links, source code etc. all copyrights and intellectual property are reserved to the Company. Inter alia and without derogating from the generality of the above, the Company is the sole owner of the copyrights and brand names on the site, the site surveys, whether registered or not registered, copyrights, commercial secrets, that are inherent in the operation of the site and the provision of services, the design of the site, the technological knowhow used in its operation including however not limited to, software, applications, graphic files and others, computer code, texts and/or any other material including therein. One may not copy, distribute, reproduce, publicly display or deliver to a third party, the information or any part thereof. Do not change, publish, broadcast, transfer, sell, distribute or make any commercial use of the information and/or any part thereof unless you received prior written permission from the Company.

Any use of robots or any other means, technological or not, in order to copy, scan, or create a partial or complete copy of the information that appears on the site, is expressly forbidden. Moreover, it is forbidden to distort damage or otherwise change the content or any other part of the site, or any other action that entails the reduction in value of the protected content.

  1. Links and Third Party Websites

The links that presented on the site to third party sites are presented for information only, and as is. The Company has no obligation to any third party. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the other sites are available or secure. A web surfer that chooses to use the links to click through the links to any of the third party sites does so, at his sole and full responsibility and he consents and declares in advance that he does not have nor will he have any claims in this regard to the Company.

  1. Personal Data

The rules of collection, management and storage of the personal details of the surfers are organized and detailed in the privacy policy that serves as an inherent part of these terms of use.

  1. Security

The Company employs the accepted measures to protect the security of its systems. You hereby consent and declare that you do not have nor will you have any claim against the Company in any instance in which the security of the site or any part thereof is compromised.

Additionally, the surfer declares and undertakes that he will not undertake any action that will compromise the security or integrity of the Company’s systems, including overloading or stressing the Company servers in any manner.

  1. Limits of Liability

The Company does not guarantee that the services will not be interrupted, that they will be provided regularly without interruption, that they will operate without error and that Company computers they will be impervious to unauthorized access or from damage, breakdown, failures of hardware, software, lines and communications systems, by the Company, any of its suppliers and/or one operating on its behalf.

The provision of services and/or products by the Company is dependent, inter alia, on third parties, and the Company is not responsible for any act or failure made by a third party and will be not be responsible for any damage, loss, or expense caused to you or to any third party as the result of or with regard to any action of failure as aforementioned.

The Company is not responsible for the availability of services, content, form, reliability, trust or exactitude of the surfer content, including no responsibility for damage or infringement on intellectual property rights of any kind, including trademarks and commercial secrets, with regard to the content of surfers or with regard to any other use of surfers in the portal and the included services that are included in it.

The Company is not responsible for opinions, content or messages by visitors that are uploaded to the site or for any other service provided by the Company and it is not liable for the publication of the information included in forums, blogs, chats, albums or any other services provided by the Company, in public. Furthermore, the Company is not responsible for any damage loss, or expense that is caused to a visitor as the result of storage, use or operation of the site or services, including due to infringement of ownership, copyright, trademarks and brands, commercial secrets, patents and surveys, whether protected or not, as the result of an infringement on privacy.

The information, the software, products and services included in the site could contain errors, inaccuracies or mistakes. Do not relay on advice received from the site in order to make personal, legal or financial decisions; for this you should consult with the appropriate professional in order to obtain advice that is adapted to your special circumstances. That which is presented on this site, the suitability, the reliability, the timing and the exactitude of the information, the software, the products, the services and the attendant graphics contained in this site for any specific purpose.

The Company is not responsible for any causal or circumstantial damages or loss of profit related directly or indirectly to the product.

  1. Condition of Sole Jurisdiction

The use of the site and these terms of use are subject to the Laws of the State of Israel. Any claim, demands or suits that regard these terms of use or use of the site will be under the sole jurisdiction of the authorized court in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Privacy Policy

  1. General

We treat the privacy of the site users with the utmost respect. The purpose of the conditions below is to clarify privacy policy maintained on the site to the visitor including the manner that the site operators use the information, collect it or its uses.

  1. Use of general information

In the course of the use of visitors on the site, it is possible that data will be collected regarding the visitor – surfer, his usage habits on the site, products and services purchased by him on the site, offers and services, advertisements and points of interest to him, products that he seeks to sell or purchase, data pages that he visited, registration for special services that require registration, offers and services that will interest you, methods of payment used by the visitor directly or indirectly regarding the site and more. The visitor is not obligated to provide any information and to surf the site and allow the collection of data in his regard, however in his surfing of the site he agrees to the collection of the data and its use pursuant to the provisions of the law. It is possible that with regard to specific services he will not be able to surf the site and enjoy these services without the transfer of data. The site administration saves some of the data in its databases and makes use of them subject to the terms of the privacy policy and/or the Law. This for these and other purposes:

  1. For the user to make use of the special services offered on the site.
  2. In order to improve the operations and development of the site including the analysis of viewing and surfing habits that enable the Company to improve the software and structure of the site for the ease and use of the surfer, and in order to make offers to him, data and services that are personally adjusted to his needs and preferences or those that are interest groups that make use of the site.
  3. For the publishing of information, purchase and sale of goods and services on the site including the publishing of advertisements.
  4. In order to individually adapt the advertisements to the person surfing on the site, to his specific fields of interest. This data including that that is actively left on the site could be collected by the Company or by advertisers on the site in various ways.
  5. In order to personally approach the surfer for advertising or if necessary or as required by law in an instance where any of the provisions of the site user agreement or the privacy policy are breached or any other condition that is noted on the site with regard to data and or services used or an instance of a disagreement with a surfer.
  6. In order to collect general or specific data or analysis and submission of statistical data that will be transferred to a third party including advertisers however in a manner that no one will be able to identify the individual surfer.
  7. For other purposes that will be detailed in this privacy policy or other terms of use on the site that will be updated from time to time.

The management of the site undertakes to treat the data collected regarding the surfers pursuant and subject to the limitation of the law.

  1. Use of specific data

In parts of the site the visitor can share personal data about himself with the Company in order to receive the special services that are offered on the site. This data, whether contact information, or any other data, it submitted willingly to the Company and for its use, at its discretion. The company retains the right to share or transfer this data to third parties at its sole discretion.

Furthermore, it is hereby clarified that in the event of a request from any of the legal authorities or law enforcement regarding the data of any of the site visitors, the Company will cooperate and could transfer personal data, statistical data, or any other data to the legal or law enforcement authorities.

  1. Cookies

For operational purposes, including the need to collect data regarding surfer behaviour on the site, in order to verify the identity of the user of the service or data on the site, in order to enable easier and more convenient user use of the site, in order analyse and specifically adapt the site to the needs and preferences of the visitor and for data protection activity, the site uses and will make use of “Cookies”. The sites technological systems cause the browser software, on request to place “cookie” files on the visitor’s compute, which may be saved on the hard drive of the visitor’s computer. These unique files are saved in various libraries depending on the type of browsers and operating systems such as the library on the main drive called “Temporary Internet Files” or the “Cookies” library or any other library. These file contain data regarding your activity on the site in a wide range of parameters. If the visitor desires to prevent the placement of a “cookie” from the site and as the result it is possible that he will not be able to surf the site you should change the specifications in the operating system and/or browser that he uses. Furthermore he can delete these files that were placed on his computer at any time.

  1. Advertising on the Site

The site administration operates an independent content and advertising system. Moreover, the system allows and could allow other parties to manage and operate the advertisement system on the site or the content and services systems. Within this framework the visitor could view offers for services, content, information or advertisements for the site or for third parties of any kind – data or awareness that is derived from external advertisers that collect data on the visitor by placing cookies in the visitor’s computer. This is, inter alia, for the purpose of data analysis, adapting the advertisements and analyzing visitor needs. This use is subject to the privacy policy and the terms of use of these sites and does not affect the sites privacy policy. If the visitor seeks to prevent activity of this sort, he must act in a specific manner in order to block the collection of this data by third parties including that of advertisers.

  1. Privacy Protection Law

Pursuant to the Privacy Protection Law, 5741 – 1981 the surfer is permitted to view the data, with this data being held in a database as that term is defined in the law. The data collected about you by the site operators within the framework of focused activity or by the way, subject to this law and therefore all of the rights and requirements of the surfer or anyone else, pursuant to the Law.


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