BE SEMBOL is an innovative jewelry brand with a mission to add a bit of you to each of our designs, making each piece unique with a personal touch that will bring you joy and fill you up with energy.

The women behind the brand

We are Mor and Sapir, childhood friends, mothers, and
business partners. After years of working for others and bringing 4 amazing kids to the world (2 each) we’ve decided it was time to take the leap and do something of our own.

After a 246 or so failed ideas we started thinking “what do we love? What’s our passion?”   And since

we’ve always been obsessed with fashion and aesthetics, jewelry was an obvious

We realized that we love jewelry, but we’re always a bit sad
we can’t add a bit of personal touch and meaning to the ones we buy….  

And…BINGO! A MEANING! that was our big idea.

We quickly started focusing on bringing meaning to our
designs using symbols, precious materials and adding a space for our clients to
add their own personal touch and meaning.

Each of our pieces is designed to bring our clients joy,
inspiration, energy, and optimism.

We hope you feel it too


Mor & Sapir


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