BE SEMBOL is a jewelry brand that seeks to infuse meaning into its designs.

Each piece is personal, emotional, designed to provide subjective sentimental value to each wearer.

Our collections are all about transforming emotions into tangible, singular objects that will make you smile, filling you with energy and reminding you of all that’s important in life.

We believe everyone has a symbol close to their heart, and that every symbol has a story.

The women behind the brand

We are Sapir and Mor, BFFS since the 2nd grade.

The Be Sembol brand and designs portray who we are and express our aspirations to bring beauty, optimism, and joy to the world. Every aspect of what we do – our brand, our designs, the stones we choose, even the packaging – is crafted to pass these qualities and sensations on to our clients, with tremendous love.

We hope you feel it as we do.


Mor & Sapir


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