DAY OFF Necklace

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Description:  A necklace for women made with energetic gemstones.

The DAY OFF necklace is assembled from hematite, jade, howlite, pearl and coral beads.

Length: 35 cm (approx) with a 5 cm extender.

Gemstones proprieties:

Hematite – Stability

Hematite, best known for its grounding powers also provides protection from negative energies, encourages positive thinking, reduces stress and can help sharpens ones memory.

Jade – Fulfillment

Jade is known as the “dream stone” and the ”loyalty stone”. It strengthens ones dedication to pursue their goals and ambitions as well as increases harmony, serenity and love.

Howlite – Spirituality

Strengthens connection to inner spirituality. Encourages new perspectives, attitudes, and ways to approach life.

Pearl – Serenity

Conveys inner peace and calm.

Coral – Protection

Offers overall protection from all forms of negativity.

Preserves within everything that’s good and flushes out all the rest.

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  • Product name: DAY OFF necklace
  • Gemstones type: Hematite, jade, howlite, pearl, coral
  • Color: Pink, yellow 
  • Necklace length: 35-40 cm (including extender)

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