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The magical connection between woman and the moon

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Throughout the ages the moon has become the ultimate feminine symbol. Whether in astrology or ancient culture, the moon’s energy is connected to emotions, intuition, subconscious, and instincts.

When we look at the moon, we see its constant change due to phases, waning, new, waxing, full… one day it shows itself in its fullness and glory only to slowly disappear again in an endless cycle. Just as the moon has its cycle, so do woman, and they are both approximately around the same length. Many believe that these two cycles are eternally connected to each other.

The connection the moon and the female cycle

Since both cycles are around 28 days, many characteristics of the moon changes are also relevant in their presence and energy to describe woman’s cycle.

Menstruation & waxing moon

A time of cleansing, slowing down, looking inward. Great for connecting to your intuition and letting go of things that aren’t good for you.

Ovulation & full moon

The time of the month when you are mesmerizing and attractive, full of energy, mentally, physically, and emotionally, ready to create a new life!

And on they goes, again and again… the moon cycle and the female cycle, reminding that life is impermanent and there is an amazing energy within us that even at the darkest time, change, growth and light are on their way.


 Let’s not forget the sun

The moon beautiful light would not exist without the sun, and just like the opposites they are in the sky, they also symbolize the 2 main genders, female and male. Their unique celestial attributes also reflect on how they are perceived in astrology and different cultures.

The sun- masculine, a source of heat and energy, encourages us do, expand, and bring things to light

The moon- feminine, introvert, a source of beauty and tenderness, encourages us to marvel and connect to a gentler energy.

Our suggestion is, look at the moon whenever you can and bath in its light. Take you time to connect to its beautiful (and your beautiful) feminine energy.

#A women’s intuition

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