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The natural powers of gemstones

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We are in awe with gemstones.

They are beautiful… and full of surprises

Since old ages and throughout cultures, it’s been believed that these beauties have powers to heal, protect, and help achieve energetic balance.

It makes sense when you remember they were created by the forceful energy of heat, movement, or pressure so powerful it turned one material to another.

like many others we believe their energies affect us (weather you believe it or not it’s good to keep an open mind and heart for full affect 🙂 that’s why for our jewelry we’ve meticulously chosen powerful gemstones that will empower you wherever you go.

Diamond- Strength

No big surprise there, after all it is the strongest material created by nature.

Wearing diamonds enhances strength, confidence, and the sense of inner beauty, showing the world what your made of.

Its unique qualities of clarity, firmness, and sparkle increase motivation and determination. It helps you see you path clearly and encourages you to challenge yourself and achieve new goals.


Sapphire – Fulfillment

With its blue deep shades, there’s no wonder Sapphire is a stone that helps you achieve inner peace and a clear mind about the choices that lay ahead.

Sapphire brings energy and motivation to start doing things you’ve only dreamt about, realize what’s important in life, and get you where you really want to be.


Ruby- Daring

Like it’s hot red color, ruby is about fire and passion! Passion to do, move, grow, change, full of enthusiasm and vivaciousness.

The ruby stone will inspire you to dare, set new goals and give you the energy to achieve them. Its energy is believed to help with conceiving.

Emerald – Love

With its deep green colors, emerald is all about subtle powers, intimacy, and the connection with the people around you.

Emerald strengthens your sensitivity, empathy and enhances your presence inside and out. It enables you to deepen social connections with loved ones as well as create new relationships, all of them full of balance and love.


Amethyst – Calmness & Harmony

Donning the color of healing, amethyst has the energy to lighten things up by helping reduce stress and overthinking.

Its healing calming energy helps you get a better view of your life, drop bad habits, take control of your life, bringing you inner peace and harmony.



BE your best, BE SEMBOL

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